Country Insights

Country Insights

Would you like to download a condensed version of a cultural awareness course on a specific country? Well now you can with our Insight reports - packed full of fantastic content, tips and business intelligence - grab your copy now - opens all on devices!

This 42-page country profile on Poland is packed full of useful information for anyone new to Poland.

As experts in cultural awareness within business, our country reports are designed to increase the reader’s awareness of a specific country / culture in order to maximise their potential when working there.

They offer a complete picture of the country/ culture starting from a general overview then tackling specifics on how business is conducted.

For only £4.99 the report can be yours.

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Preview: Contents & Overview

An Introduction

  • Etymology
  • Geography and climate
  • Natural Resources
  • Population
  • Language
  • Religion
  • History of Poland

Investing in Poland

  • Currency
  • Economic Development
  • The Economy Now
  • Unemployment rate
  • Polish export
  • Business
  • Infrastructure
  • Government
  • The Constitution
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Human Rights in Poland
  • Foreign Policy
  • Trade Unions
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Gender Policies

Culture & Society of Poland

  • Traditional food
  • Stereotypes of Poles as accepted by foreigners
  • Stereotypes of Poles as accepted by Poles

Business Etiquette, Customs and Protocol

  • Time and Punctuality
  • Gift giving
  • Greetings and Courtesies
  • Foreign Businesswomen Visiting the Country
  • Values
  • Communication
  • Business tips and motivational advice
  • What to avoid

All this for only £4.99 - a bargain!

This report is written for a wide audience, and follows a very simple, logical format.

  • An introduction to the country, its history, politics, people and culture.
  • An understanding of the target country’s values, customs and etiquette and their possible impact on work and social life.
  • Tips on preparing to work with new colleagues from the target country.
  • An accurate portrayal of daily life in the target destination.
  • Guidelines and tools on adapting and dealing with cultural differences.
  • information and useful links.

The profile is to be solely used by the purchasing individual or organisation. If materials from this profile are to be used outside of agreed context Commisceo Global Consultancy Ltd must be referenced and copyrights respected. Any questions can be emailed.