Business Culture Quizzes

Doing business around the world is a lot of fun. Learning about all the cultural differences is fantastic experience and builds your cultural knowledge-base.

Check out our quizzes below which we've designed to help increase awareness of business culture, protocol and etiquette from around the world.

So how well do you think you will score? We've set the bat at 85% - can you do it?


Business Card Etiquette  [Free]
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10 short quiz on business card etiquette from around the world - see how well you would fare if you had to suddenly face these situations! 85% and you pass!

Doing Business in Brazil  [Free]
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10 quick questions in 2 minutes on doing business in Brazil - how well would you do? We've set the bar at 85% to pass - good luck!

Doing Business in China  [Free]
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Going to Chiina for business? The test your knowledge of Chinese culture with our quiz - if you get less than 50% we recommend you read our free country profile on China. You have 2 minutes to answer 10 simple questions - go!

Doing Business in India  [Free]
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Doing business with India? Test how much you know (or don't know) with our little quiz on working with Indians - it covers etiquette, culture and communication. You have 5 minutes and the pass mark is 85% - go!

Gestures Across Cultures  [Free]
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One culture's "come here" can be another's "hey **** you!" - gestures can lead to some embarrasing situations. If you're going to a country for business you need to make sure you know what you're doing with your hands - test yourself before you wreck yourself with our quick quiz! You have 3 minutes - ages.....go!

Gift Giving Etiquette  [Free]
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Many cultures still use gifts as part of the personal and corporate relationship building process. Prior to travelling to a country for business make sure you research what the local customs are - some places would love a bottle of Scotch, others not! Take our quiz on gift giving etiquette - 3 minutes - go!

Islam & Working with Muslims  [Free]
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If you work in international business, chances are you work with Muslims. It may be that you even work with Muslims in your home country. How much would you say you know about Islam? How about business culture and etiquette around the faith? Either way, you'll learn something by taking our quiz! You've got 5 minutes - plenty of time!

Negotiation Across Cultures  [Free]
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Do you negotiate for work? Then let's see how you would do when negotiating in some foreign countries. 10 simple questions in 3 minutes - can you pass with 85% or more?