Experts in Country-Specific Cultural Awareness Training

Experts in Country-Specific Cultural Awareness Training

Looking for cultural insights into a particular country? We have been designing and delivery cross-cultural courses for +10 years - flexible, tailored, quality global training whether SME or FTSE500.

Interested in some training on Mexico and Mexican culture? You are in the right place.

We are specialists in cultural awareness training. With 10 years experience in designing and delivering culture-related training solutions worldwide, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide world-class training content, personal customer service and engaging training courses.

Every course we deliver has the client in mind. Who they are, what goals they have and what they are doing in Mexico will impact what information and insight we give them. We focus on the participants' interests and targets to ensure training is relevant and rewarding.

Who are these courses for?

In short, anyone who is going to be working, living or doing business in/with Mexico. You may be moving there for work, managing a remote team in Mexico, visiting to seal a deal or trying to build a brand in the country. All will need to understand the Mexican culture and psyche to help them understand how to go about doing business.

What do the Mexico courses cover?

We cover what the participants need. Courses may be focused on living in Mexico (i.e. for expats) or may be solely focused on sales & negotiation (i.e. for sales people) or even on how to manage a Mexican team (i.e. for a manager).

What the course covers, depends on you and your company. Some examples of topics we tend to cover frequently include:

Mexican Business Culture (Overview)

History, Language & Political economy
Social values, customs & traditions
How culture impacts business and how to break stereotypes and misconceptions

Communicating with Mexicans

Building interpersonal relationships
Communication both verbal & non verbal
Social protocol

Doing Business in Mexico

Mexican business etiquette
Presenting to an Mexican audience
Negotiation process and business tact
Cross cultural analysis of business practices

Relocating to Mexico

Expatriate group training
Spouse & family training
Pre departure & Post arrival training
Dealing with culture shock

Who are our trainers?

Our cultural awareness courses about Mexico are delivered by trainers who understand the country. They could be Mexicans themselves or foreigners with experience of living & working there. Who your trainer is depends on what you need - we always make sure we match the trainer with the right skills and experience with the right client. Whichever trainer, you can be assured of first-hand knowledge about Mexico, up-to-date training techniques and a friendly face.

How long is the training?

Courses run on a half day, 1 day or 2 day basis. Customised timescales are available.

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