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We love what we do. We love people, we love difference, we love languages, we love the world.

And we want to share that love - that's why we publish our award-winning country guides for all, for free.

The intention behind our guides is to give people access to useful information about other countries and cultures.

People across the globe all agree that when you visit a country you play by their rules - showing good manners and an appreciation of how things work when you are abroad is good for everyone.

We bring you information on over 80+ countries. Topics include language, useful phrases, the society, culture, business and social etiquettes.

Our guides are free to access however if you wish to use them in any other way, please contact us.

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Simply find your country from the list below - unfortunately we dont have every single country in the world but we are certainly working on it!

Warning! Culture is not static! It is important to bear in mind that these guides act as basic and general introductions only. They are not in any way definitive. We do not intend to stereotype, pigeon-hole or try to quantify any culture or people. Each society, country and culture will have numerous nuances that would make it irresponsible to suggest a uniform approach to understanding any country's social/business culture or etiquette. One also has to take into account the personal cultures of individuals, whether they be religious, regional, gender, corporate or otherwise. However, loose guidelines can assist in bettering understanding and avoiding offence; and these guides are meant only to achieve that.

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