Understanding Diversity is Key to Doing Better Business in Brazil

Doing Business in Brazil?  
A ‘One Size fits All’ approach will sink your ship in Brazil.  Here’s why….

With the largest economy in Latin America and the seventh largest economy in the world, there is every reason why companies and investors have their eye closely set on Brazil.

Homework is essential to those reaching out into Brazil as failing to understand the country and its people will lead to challenges and stumbling blocks at the least and complete failure at the most.

Let’s start by understanding the diversity underpinning Brazilian society:

To summarise, as a precursor to any business dealings in Brazil, it’s essential that you first appreciate Brazilian ethnic and cultural diversity.  This understanding will go a long way to shaping relevant and fit for purpose business plans.

For those relocating to Brazil or moving to Brazil for a short-term business assignment, investment in cultural training would be of considerable value and put you at a considerable advantage. 

In the absence of face to face cultural / relocation training, we suggest that you avail yourself of the other resources available on the internet and your network.  No amount of preparation can be considered too little in this diverse and complex country.

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