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Unlock the secrets to success when working with other cultures!


Intercultural training countries


We offer 'country intelligence', i.e. what you, your team or organisation need to know about working in, or with, a country in order to be sucessful.





"I found the course extremely interesting and informative - great trainers which were thoroughly engaging and clearly know their subject inside and out."

KEF Delegate


Create Winning Habits When Working Across Cultures

Having an understanding of cultural drivers helps...

    • leaders and managers to inspire, influence and motivate their teams
    • expats moving to a new country navigate local norms and settle in quicky
    • team members to communicate and collaborate more productively
    • businesspeople travelling to foreign countries to make a good impression
    • professionals working with foreign stakeholders to build strong relationships

Cultural awareness enhances your professional performance and puts you at a competitive advantage.


Top 5 Most In-Demand Countries

What's popular? Well, our most called-for countries at the moment are:


02Saudi Arabia

03The UAE

04The USA



We offer training courses on any country and/or culture. If you're country of interest is not in the list below, please contact us via the form below for information.


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Master the Business Culture

Our country-specific cultural training courses can be taken either as a webinar or, if available, as an online course.

Training content can be tailored to particular needs and covers a wide variety of topics.

Examples of some of the more popular topics we tend to cover include understanding:

  • People, politics, history and economy
  • Religious or faith influences
  • Values, beliefs and ethics
  • Communication style
  • Business culture, etiquette and protocol
  • Approaches to relationships, negotiations and meetings
  • Common challenges for foreigners
  • Practical tips and strategies for professionals

If you have an interest in a country and would like to explore our training solutions, please get in touch.

Learn from the Best

All our trainers are tip-top people bringing both hands-on business experience and cultural know-how.

If we deliver a course for you on working with the Chinese, it will be delivered by someone who worked with the Chinese. If it's a course on selling to the Russians, your trainer would have sold to the Russians.

Real, practical, professional experience.

Our trainers are also chosen for their training styles and charisma; we don’t do ‘stand in front of audience and talk’ training.

Our style is engaging, interactive, explorative and creative. All our trainers reflect this in their methodology and delivery.

We bring you the best so you can learn from the best! Contact us if you would like to see some trainer bios.