The Diversity & Inclusion training course is designed for those new to the topic and wanting a comprehensive introduction.

Attendees will explore a range of topics that help raise awareness on this vital topic providing relevant knowledge and skills to apply the necessary changes in their working environment.

Course contents blend a legal and practical view on diversity and equality issues.

Formal, context-critical, topics covered include:

  • Understanding Equality and Diversity
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Employer and employee obligations and liabilities
  • Discrimination, Stereotype, Prejudice, Bullying and Harassment
  • Potential risk/barriers and positive actions

The course will help participants to:

  • Address various perceptions around diversity and inclusion (equality)
  • Present the local (and/or other country and organizational) legal perspective(s) relating to equality and diversity
  • Understand the increasing diversity of the future workforce
  • To understand how diversity outcomes lead to business outcomes
  • Influence leaders / staff to make a personal commitment to create a more inclusive work environment
  • Get a clear picture of the real meaning of “Equality and Diversity”
  • Understand what are your responsibilities and liabilities according to the Equality Act 2010
  • Obtain the key knowledge and skills necessary to work in a diverse team
  • Learn tips and strategies to improve understanding and empathy
  • Decide whether your business practices should be reviewed to comply with the legislation in force

Training methodologies

Participants will discuss, evaluate and review various situations, from different perspectives, in order to reach a deeper understanding of the importance of this issue.

Methodologies may include a mix of the following: reading material, quizzes, use of artefacts/photos, role plays/simulations, exercises, analysis and discussion of DVDs/audio clips, small group work, individual presentations and case studies. The open format will allow participants to ask questions and discuss previous experiences as well as practical issues surrounding the challenges and opportunities of working in a diverse team.

Courses run on a half day, 1 and 2 day basis. Customised timescales are available.