Cultural Awareness

Exploring the role of culture in how people work and communicate.

Cultural Competence

Developing the skills needed to perform well across cultures.

International Negotiation

Learning to negotiate effectively with people from different cultures.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork

Creating trust and clarity when working in a multicultural team.

Management Skills

Building the skills needed to lead, manage and motivate a multicultural team.

Working in a Matrix

Nurturing high-performers within global matrix organisations.

Influencing People

Mastering the power of persuasion and collaboration in getting results.

Presentation Skills

Delivering the skills needed to present with impact to foreign audiences.

Global Business Skills


Global Skills Business Training

To be a global business ninja takes more than just skill; it’s also about flexibility and mindset.

Our business-skills courses give professionals the confidence and know-how to gain a real competitive advantage in the global marketplace.



"I really enjoyed the fact that the trainer has great life experience and so was able to give many real life examples to help explain her points - very helpful.

WL Gore & Associates


Our training courses help...

    • leaders and managers working in multicultural environments to motivate and manage teams
    • professionals moving to a new country manage Culture Shock and adapt to relocation challenges
    • team members working in international teams to leverage cultural differences and capitalize on diversity
    • businesspeople travelling to foreign countries make a great impression and build trusting relationships


          ...and plenty of others working in the global professional environment.


Which Course Interests You?


We offer 8 global business-skills courses:


01Cultural Awareness

02Cultural Competence

03International Negotiation

04Cross-Cultural Teamwork


06Working in a Matrix

07Influencing Others

08Presentation Skills