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Exporting to The USA from The UK - Cultural Differences



With talk of a mega trade deal between The USA and The UK, British business is gearing up for a potential export rush across The Atlantic.

To help prepare British exporters for future opportunities, The Institute of Export and Open to Export recently hosted a webinar to which Commisceo Global were invited to speak.

The webinar is available below to watch in full or you can skip to the cultural stuff at 1:52.


Along with guest speakers Export Access, who discussed the regulatory requirements of exporting to America, and Paxman Scalp Cooling, who explained their exporting journey, Commisceo delivered a presentation on USA and UK business culture.

In particular. we looked at the main cultural differences commonly confronted by British businesses when doing business in The USA.

Senior intercultural trainer, Neil Payne, started with an overview of the huge diversity that makes America so complex.

After looking at differences at State, regional and political levels he then moved onto his top 10 tips on doing business in The USA, covering a range of topics from how to communicate, win deals and market yourself or your company.

The webinar was originally published on the Open to Export under Beyond the EU: USA



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