Cultural Awareness Quizzes

Some fun online quizzes that test your general cultural awareness.

Questions are a real mix of work, travel, etiquette and culture.

Put yourself to the test!


Cross Cultural Work Scenarios  [Free]
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5 minutes to think through some cross-cultural work scenarios and test how culturall astute you really are...

Dining Etiquette Across Cultures  [Free]
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We all eat food but what we eat and how we eat it can really be very different. Test how well you know international dining etiquette - you have 5 minutes - give it a go!

Quick-Fire True or False?  [Free]
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27 questions - true or false - a mix of questions on cultural differences, etiquette, customs and language. You have ONLY 60 seconds.

Working Globally Across Cultures  [Free]
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Working internationally can be eye-opening at times. See how well you would cope with some of these question around culture in global business. Relax, you have 5 minutes so take your time, think it through and see what you score at the end!